Lost Socks – A thing of the past with the Sock Clip!

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So Much More Than Just Sock Clip!

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The Sock Clip can be used many ways than just separating and keeping up with your socks, they can be used by keeping outfits together on hangers. Sock Clips are great for kids and baby clothing. You can use a hanger and clip all pieces of the outfit together so all pieces are ready from the beginning and there is no searching when you are in a hurry to get to day school. This will help with time-management when you need it the most!

Do you have those annoying cords in your house from you electronics? You know the ones that take up room in your drawers and cabinets, and what about the ear plugs that get tangled up, the Sock Clip can help keep the cords from getting tangled and keeps them in an organized manner.

Clotheslines need a strong grip to hold heavy clothing or blankets, the Sock Clip is your answer! With the patent design that has a strong grip hold, your blankets and towels can blow in the wind and get the nice fresh scent of a sping day!

We are sharing a few ways with you and will add more as our blog continues. If you have ways that you use your Sock Clip other than to keep your socks together, comment and let us know. Better yet, take a picture and post it!



Easing the Laundry Drama of New Blended Families

Do you have a large, maybe blended family? If you are just starting out in your blended family, you may not know everyone’s clothing just yet, especially socks. We are going to talk about how the sock clip can get you organized by color coordination with the laundry.

You are doing laundry for your new family and need some identification help. The Sock Clip can help by giving all the orange clips to your teenage son, all the white clips to your teenage step son, yellow ones to your 7 year old daughter and the green ones to your 17 year old step daughter. Keep these clips in their room on the dresser closely as accessible to their clothes, hair ties, and sports gear. The sock clip can be used for many different ways, it can clip outfits with their accessories together, clip outfits to their hangers, clip all hair ties and ribbons together, clip socks, shoe laces, undergarments to the sports uniform so it can all stay together, and keeping delicate laundry together. The Sock Clip can also be used for packaging food so it stays fresh. The boys in your family may like this so they can color code whose food belongs to them especially their snacks!

So this magnificent little clip can save your family from headaches and frustration of the woes of new blended families organizational pursuits! The Sock Clip gives everyone an identity in the new household line up and makes for easier laundry loads!






Providing work for The Developmentally Disabled and Keeping America Working!

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There is a large community of people in this nation (US) that represent more than just themselves. They represent men and women of all races, nationalities, religious, and culture backgrounds. These people are in every community in all corners of the United States. The Developmentally Disabled is a group that is often time forgotten by society, especially the adults that are devlopmentally disabled. After making their way through grade school and some graduating highschool, what do they do with their daily lives? Can they live on their own and make their own money and support themselves? Unfortuantley the answer to these questions are most of the time no. 

We pride ourselves as the Sock Clip, made in America, and even better, the sock clip is put together by this some of the most joyful and exciting people to work together, the Developmentally Disabled adults in America. How does working and put things together help them? It helps them buy using their motor and mental skills at the same time. It keeps them mentally stimulated and is great exercise for their minds. 

How about giving confidence to a member of society that often has a hard time doing daily chores and routines, now has a job and produce their own money. They become like everyone else with a job and money! 

Many of the workers say they love to work and it gives them fulfillment. Many of them like the Sock Clip because it is challenging enough to keep them interested, but not as difficult to produce. The workers find satisfaction with themselves and their task they have completed.  

When the Developmentally Disabled work, they work in a large group as big as 70 members. This is great so they can work with their friends in a social atomsphere that is fun and uplifting, and helps them with liking their job so they can make their own money. In return there is independence, a sense of accomplishment, and a great social atomsphere that generates a growth for the workers in many ways than one. 

How can you learn more about this great group of people and their participation for the employment in America, please visit the Sock Clip sponsored website at http://workingwithdisabilities.com 

This is a passion for the Sock Clip to help this group in our society be more apart of our society. The more Sock Clips that are ordered, the more work we can provide for the Developmentally Disabled. We recommend if you have a product and want help, instead of sending your projects and production out of the country, why not think about looking into producing work for this incredible group of people. You will be helping our country’s economy and many in our society that deserve the chance to produce in this great country. 

The Original Sock Clip



How many times have you found a product that can help you with a simple, but consistent everyday problem, be made in the USA, and is always guaranteed? I have found it and I am introducing it to you – the original Sock Clip!

The concept is simple and amazing once you finish using your socks, you grab a clip and put them in the laundry hamper. This amazing clip is designed to be durable to go through the washer and dryer and does not harm your clothes nor your machines, just saves you time and money!

You may think how can this small clip save me a lot of time and money? As a mom and head of household chores, I do not have to use energy, waste time, and aggravate my family searching for socks. This is huge! My family does not want to listen to me nag about the same problem day in and day out. Then of course I am saving money for socks. Okay, some socks may not be that expensive, but when you have teenagers who play all different sports like mine that play football, basketball, baseball, and snow skis; these socks are not cheap! Or a husband that dresses for corporate work everyday, he cannot wear cheap socks, they average over $20/pair. Why waste money on socks? I am sure that money can be put to better use like dinners out with your family or vacation excursions or just money in your savings!

The Sock Clip is not expensive nor is it made inexpensive either. This is a great product, for $14.95 you can have 32 sock clips, and if you need more at the time you order, you can buy additional sock clips for $9.95 and there is NO Shipping Fee! The sock clips are less expensive than some of your socks you are paying for in your family.

So save yourself some time, money, and help your country with Made in the USA product. I truly encourage you to order the sock clip, and if you don’t like them there is a life time guarantee! There is no risk, only a small victory in your daily life as Head of Household Chores! Explore the Sock Clip at http://www.sockclip.com